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        "url": "",
        "name": "Jon Snow",
        "culture": "Northmen",
        "born": "In 283 AC",
        "died": "",
        "titles": [
                "Lord Commander of the Night's Watch"
        "aliases": [
                "Lord Snow",
                "Ned Stark's Bastard",
                "The Snow of Winterfell",
                "The Crow-Come-Over",
                "The 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch",
                "The Bastard of Winterfell",
                "The Black Bastard of the Wall",
                "Lord Crow"
        "father": "",
        "mother": "",
        "spouse": "",
        "allegiances": [
        "books": [
        "povBooks": [
        "tvSeries": [
                "Season 1",
                "Season 2",
                "Season 3",
                "Season 4",
                "Season 5"
        "playedBy": [
                "Kit Harington"

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